Shooters World SBR Socom D063-01 Smokeless Gun Powder


Product Overview

We are proud to offer Shooters World SBR-SOCOM Rifle Smokeless Powder in 1 lbs canisters. This propellant is a high density, double base, ball powder optimized for use in the 458 SOCOM. SBR Ammunitions’ extensive research and development of the 458 SOCOM cartridge had determined this powder is an excellent choice for moderate to heavy bullets in the 300 gr to 450 gr weight range.

SBR-SOCOM yields high loading densities and optimized velocities with low Standard Deviations (SD) values, not only in velocities, but in chamber pressure. The 458 SOCOM is a low pressure cartridge, operating at a maximum 35,000 psi and this powder optimizes this, producing clean and consistent performance. If you seek accuracy, the low SD with the internal ballistics performance translates into excellent accuracy across the range of bullet options.

The SBR-SOCOM spherical powder has good flow characteristics through a volumetric powder dump. Loaders will find that this powder is very consistent in weight charges, especially if one is loading for accuracy.

Due to its cleanliness of burn and incorporated flash suppressant, there is virtually no muzzle flash with SBR-SOCOM in the 458 SOCOM.

SBR-SOCOM is a canister form of Explosia bulk propellant D063-01. There is no Lovex canister equivalent to this propellant.


Shooters World SBR-SOCOM Smokeless Powder is a clean burning, low flash, spherical powder that is very consistent in weight and perfomance. It’s a high density ball powder optimized for use in the 458 SOCOM.

Specifications and Features:

  • Optimized for use in 458 SOCOM
  • High density, Double base, Ball powder
  • Low Standard Deviations (SD) values
  • Good flow characteristics through a volumetric powder dump
  • Clean burning
  • Flash suppressed
  • Virtually no muzzle flash
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