Shooters World Tactical Rifle D073-08 Smokeless Gun Powder


Product Overview

We are proud to offer Shooters World Tactical Rifle Smokeless Powder in 8 lbs canisters. Tactical Rifle is formulated for use in a wide variety of rifle calibers. Tactical Rifle is a canister form of Lovex bulk propellant D073-01/08 and has a similar burn rate to H335. But Tactical Rifle being flash suppressed, high density and double based, it yields a better “Tactical Advantage”. It provides for economical reloading, good accuracy, assured semi-auto cycling and low residue in all AR platforms. Tactical Rifle works well for .223, 308, 6.8 SPC, and .30-30 among a myriad of other calibers.


Shooters World Tactical Rifle Smokeless Powder 8 Lb is a very clean burning rifle type powder. Tactical Rifle has a low flash signature. Its is a great choice for rifle loads from 223, 6.8SPC, 308 and 30-30.

Specifications and Features:

  • Medium fast rifle burn rate
  • Great for 223, 6.8SPC, 308 and 30/30
  • Cycles all types of semi-autos well
  • Meters consistently to 0.1 grain
  • Great for progressive loading machines
  • Clean burning
  • Flash suppressed
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