The NEW shootoff!TL model is built around the silkpath sears. Also has Stanislawski’s patented Trainer Lock Pin to assist archers in the learning and practicing process. The patented Trainer Lock Pin allows you to practice your release with your bow, without actually releasing the string.


  • Trainer Lock, a patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe training. Learn proper shot execution and build confidence in your technique before ever shooting an arrow!
  • Grooved handle with an aggressive sweep
  • Features the MPT2 knob, the first multi-positional thumb trigger, adjustable for projection, tilt and angle
  • Z-Tol – Tolerance Eliminating Technology
  • Features a wide range of trigger travel and tension adjustment without having to change a spring
  • silkpath™ Micro Adjustable Sears – The crispest and most accurate double sear system on the market
  • ErgoFit™ Technology – All STAN releases have a similar fit and feel
  • Designed to be used with a d-loop